The inside track on market and investment issues from industry experts.
  • The Gen Y investment manifesto

    Rebecca Pritchard, Wealth Enhancers (May 2017)
    How do I start? Do I have enough? Rebecca Pritchard from Wealth Enhancers helps answer these key questions for Millennials who know they need to invest, but need help getting started.
    Duration: 06:21
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  • ASX talks to its largest LIC – why is it so popular?

    Geoff Driver, AFIC (April 2017)
    AFIC is the largest LIC by market capitalisation on ASX - why do so many Australian investors choose this company as a place to invest their money?
    Duration: 08:54
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  • The art of the trade

    Michael McCarthy, CMC Markets (Jan 2017)
    Michael explains how he helps clients get the best price on their trade using Centre Point Sweep.
    Duration: 07:56
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  • How to target double digit returns

    Simon Shields, Monash Investors
    Simon also explains how an absolute return fund can target a specific outcome such a double digit returns through techniques like shorting, borrowing and use of derivatives.
    Duration: 11:36
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  • Stocks to watch

    Jeremy Hook, TMS Capital (27 Sept 2016)
    Jeremy shares a selection of stocks with potential and reflects on his past picks.
    Duration: 16:55
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  • Where to start (and finish) your investment journey

    Paul Clitheroe, Chairman Financial LIteracy Council, (July 2016)
    Paul Clitheroe shares his advice on where to get started in investing – and it’s not what you might think. Paul also reveals what’s in his portfolio, and why living longer is a real concern for him.
    Duration: 12:02
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  • Where to find growth, plus stocks to watch

    Roger Montgomery, Montgomery Investment Management (June 2016)
    It doesn’t matter if you are 25 or 75 you have to approach the sharemarket the same way – finding growth is the key.
    Duration: 9.06
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  • Two powerful strategies direct investors can use today

    Julia Lee, Bell Direct (May 2016)
    Julia Lee shares 2 easy to use strategies that have delivered major outperformance over the past few years.
    Duration: 06:28
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  • How to find value in our top 200 companies

    Geoff Wilson, Wilson Asset Management, (19 April 2016)
    Geoff Wilson shares his approach to discovering opportunities in the top 200 companies listed on ASX.
    Duration: 11:44
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  • Economic update – mixed signals for 2016

    Savanth Sebastian, Commsec, (March 2016)
    The latest economic forecast paints a patchy picture – discover what is behind the fall in planned business investment and what is performing well in the markets.
    Duration: 14:50
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  • How your emotions and behaviour can get in the way of smart investing

    Matthew Felsman, APP Securities, (Feb 2016)
    Anchoring, FOMO & under-reacting - your mind can be your own worst enemy when it comes to investing success. Learn why your emotions are as important as your company research when investing.
    Duration: 05:30
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  • Can bonds beat shares? Opportunities in fixed interest for 2016

    Steven Wright, Morgans, (January 2016)
    Government bonds outperformed shares in 2015. Discover what opportunities lie ahead in 2016 for fixed interest.
    Duration: 05.14
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  • Is investing for yield still the way to go?

    Julia Lee, Bell Direct, May 2015
    Julia explains the role interest rates and overseas stimulus packages are having on our market as well as some suggestions on how to respond.
    Duration: 11.00
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  • Are dividends just a fad?

    Roger Montgomery, The Montgomery Fund (Apr 2015)
    Roger Montgomery asks what would happen to income stocks if term deposits paid 8%. While investing in shares for income is a sound strategy, just comparing yield to interest rates is a flawed strategy.
    Duration: 07:44
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  • Where does a veteran finance commentator invest his money?

    Robert Gottliebsen, Business Spectator (April 2015)
    Chat with veteran finance commentator about what he looks for in a company, where the market is headed and where he has his money now.
    Duration: 19:00
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  • Stocks to watch

    Ben Clark, TMS Capital (Feb 2015)
    An ageing population means more travel and more demand for health services. Learn about two stocks well positioned to benefit.
    Duration: 11.29
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  • An upbeat outlook for 2015

    Craig James, Commsec
    America matters, interest rates will stay low, and why won’t Aussie companies spend? Craig James addresses these issues in his outlook for 2015.
    Duration: 09:05
  • Alan Hull’s ASX top 20 review

    Alan Hull, share trader and author
    A few stocks catch Alan's eye as trading opportunities in this quick fire review of the charts of the top 20s.
    Duration: 15:47
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  • Martin Roth: Top Stocks 2015

    Martin Roth, Author. (Nov 2014)
    Martin talks to Tony Featherstone about the highlights of his best-selling book Top Stocks 2015.
    Duration: 13:00
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  • Marcus Padley’s blueprint for sharemarket beginners

    Marcus Padley, Marcus Today
    Leading stockbroker explains what it takes to get started in the sharemarket, build considerable long-term wealth - and avoid the traps.
    Duration: 18:48
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  • Ross Greenwood: Making money in 2015

    Ross Greenwood, Nine Network (Oct 2014)
    Leading business broadcaster tells us what to watch out for next year and where he thinks the market is headed.
    Duration: 18:00
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  • Learn why infrastructure investing is the road to wealth

    Andrew Maple-Brown, Maple-Brown Abbott (October 2014)
    Andrew explains how infrastructure investing can create consistent returns over time.
    Duration: 14:00
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  • Constructing your perfect share portfolio

    Tim Lincoln, Lincoln
    Lincoln Indicators managing director, Tim Lincoln, outlines the steps he uses to identify high-quality companies, and profit as they grow.
    Duration: 18:52
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  • Trading the share price, not the valuation

    Nick Radge, The Chartist
    How charting spots what the smart money is doing. Hear how Nick Radge makes momentum trading work for him.
    Duration: 13:00
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  • Dividend strategies in a yield hungry world

    Peter Quinton, Bell Potter
    Over the last 10 years shares have performed well but it is dividends that have provided the real kicker - four model portfolios to optimise the dividend effect.
    Duration: 14:52
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  • Borrowing to buy shares – why do it and how to do it sensibly

    Cathy Kovacs, BT Financial Group, (August 2014)
    Our interviewer confesses how he got into trouble with his margin loan and receives some practical advice on what he should have done.
    Duration: 13:00
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  • How to construct your own growth or income fund

    George Boubouras, Equity Trustees (July 2014)
    If you want to take the next step with your portfolio by structuring it as a growth or income fund, take the time to listen to professional fund manager George Boubouras' tips on how to construct them.
    Duration: 19:00
  • Heading for a fall or steady as she goes?

    George Boubouras, Equity Trustees (3 July 2014)
    Leading fund manager takes a top down look at the markets here and overseas.
    Duration: 20:22
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  • Leading commentator talks about his own super fund

    Alan Kohler, Eureka Report, (July 2014)
    Alan Kohler talks to Tony Featherstone about his approach to investing, the strategy for his super fund and the companies he is investing in.
    Duration: 18:00
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  • Stocks to watch

    Jeremy Hook, TMS Capital, (June 2014)
    A look at four companies with very interesting growth stories.
    Duration: 0:15:00
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  • Four strong biotechs in 2014

    Stuart Roberts, Baillieu Holst, (May 2014)
    Australian life science stocks are well regarded but it’s a volatile sector - learn about these four companies.
    Duration: 16:00
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  • Buying stocks everyone hates

    Simon Marais, Allan Gray Australia (April 2014)
    Why buy a stock that everyone seems to be selling? Learn from an expert contrarian.
    Duration: 10:19
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  • Simple stock selection strategies

    Julia Lee, Bell Direct (March 2014)
    Investors tend to over-buy or over-sell which creates opportunities. Julia Lee explains three simple share selection tests.
    Duration: 15:50
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  • Market expensive? Depends how you look at it.

    Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, FNArena (March 2014)
    PE ratios are a standard measure of whether companies are expensive or cheap. Rudi explains his approach to using PE ratios.
    Duration: 15:00
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  • Reporting season expectations

    Steven Daghlian, Commsec, January 2014
    Will earnings reports delight or disappoint? CommSec share their view on what we can expect.
    Duration: 15:00
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  • Top Stocks 2014

    Martin Roth, Author, (December 2013)
    Tony Featherstone interviews Martin Roth about the twentieth edition his best-selling book - "Top Stocks".
    Duration: 21.05
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  • Lessons I have learnt

    Roger Montgomery, The Montgomery Fund, (November 2013)
    Roger reflects on the fundamental lessons he has learned about personal finance, temperament and investment strategy.
    Duration: 13.53
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  • Trading plans and trading rules

    Carl Capolingua, Australian Stock Report, (October 2013)
    Carl talks about trading plans and technical analysis and how the two can go together.
    Duration: 15.19
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  • Women and share investing

    Zoe Lamont, 10Thousandgirl Campaign, (18 September 2013)
    This passionate educator, Zoe Lamont, encourages women to take control of their finances, and outlines simple steps to get started.
    Duration: 15.41
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  • Which way for global growth?

    Michael Knox, RBS Morgans Limited (20 September 2013)
    A short sharp account of how Michael Knox sees the global markets
    Duration: 12:37
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  • The one page financial plan

    Sam Henderson, Henderson Maxwell (18 July 2013)
    A straightforward process for tailoring a financial plan that meets all your goals and needs.
    Duration: 15:04
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  • What type of portfolio suits your needs?

    George Boubaras, Equity Trustees (20 June 2013)
    George Boubouras assesses current market valuations and his view on some of the market's top stocks.
    Duration: 17:50
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  • Economic moats - which companies have them?

    Andrew Page, Team Invest (13 June 2013)
    Andrew Page explains the importance of economic moats and how you can identify companies that have them.
    Duration: 33:42
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  • Reflections on gold, copper and popular stocks

    Regina Meani, Founder, Your Technical Analyst (10 June 2013)
    Gold, Copper, and our most popular stocks. Listen to Regina’s view on what the charts are telling us.
    Duration: 24:20
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  • Continuous disclosure - what do listed companies have to tell the market, and when?

    Kevin Lewis, Group Executive and Chief Compliance Officer, ASX (13 May 2013)
    Continuous disclosure, trading halts and speeding tickets.
    Duration: 15:33
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  • Investing in the Australian biotechnology sector

    Stuart Roberts, Bell Potter (28 Mar 2013)
    Demand for biotechs continues to grow and Australian commerce is catching up with our scientific expertise.
    Duration: 16:20
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  • Investing through different cycles

    Julia Lee, Bell Direct (28 Mar 2013)
    Julia Lee explains how our emotions can hijack our investment decisions.
    Duration: 14:23
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  • Understanding market cycles and what lies ahead

    Alan Hull, educator (5 Mar 2013)
    Alan talks to an audience about classic market cycles, the depression, the bear market of the seventies and the '87 crash.
    Duration: 20:23
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  • The new Exchange-traded Australian Government Bond market

    Steven Wright, RBS Morgans (20 Feb 2013)
    The new Exchange-traded Australian Government Bond market makes investing in bonds as easy as buying and selling shares.
    Duration: 9:57
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  • Tactical asset allocation according to JBWere

    Damian Moran, JBWere (5 Feb 2013)
    Damian Moran explains the difference between strategic and tactical asset as well as JBWere's four models for client asset allocation strategies.
    Duration: 15:28
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  • Value investing with the experts

    Roger Montgomery and Michael Glennon (3 January 2013)
    What makes a successful value investor? Can value investors get it wrong?
    Duration: 15:28
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